Discovering God

A look at how humans, individually and collectively came to recognize the reality of Spirit and began the journey toward greater awareness.

Elements of Existence

This article explores the three basic universal elements, the spiritual, the material and the mind, and how each interacts to create what we perceive as reality.

The Journey

Each of us is traveling along a unique path as we experience the Universe. This article explores the nature and significance of The Journey as it relates to our progress toward greater maturity and enlightenment.


The evolution of spiritual perception and belief over the course of human history can be likened to the development of an individual as he or she journeys through stages of life from birth to the end of his or her experience in this physical realm and prepares to transition to another. Along the way, one experiences many physical, mental and spiritual changes and is able to observe, examine and understand both physical structures and abstract manifestations of ideas and concepts in more complex ways.

The same truth may be applied to the ever increasing ability of humans to understand what is experienced over countless generations. Early in the development of Humankind, virtually all time and effort was spent merely surviving. As time passed, our forebears gained knowledge and wisdom, discovering better and more efficient ways to provide for basic needs. This allowed time to consider more subtle and abstract perceptions, such as connections between individuals and others and with the their environment. Although unable to grasp the concept of Spirit, they sensed not only that they were an integral part of all that surrounded them, but that there was energy and power in what was perceived.

Early attempts to explain these things resulted in the development of elaborate mythologies and legends that attributed the control of nature to beings such as themselves, but much more powerful. Later, our more evolved ancestors were able to relate to the concept of Spirit and, as this understanding grew, eventually to conceive of an element that, although unseen in physical terms, was a part of themselves, their fellow humans and all that existed outside of themselves. Still unable to fully comprehend the transcendent nature of the spiritual realms, they were forced to consider concepts such as the existence of Heaven as a "place in the sky".

Those who were extraordinarily aware of their spiritual nature, and who possessed great wisdom, were recognized as prophets and religious teachers. These individuals did much to further the spiritual growth of Humankind, and are just as important in this age. However, our more recent relatives still had great difficulty understanding even the more basic concepts about the relationship between body, mind and spirit. The human mind was still much too rooted in what could be seen and touched in the physical realm.

Today, however, we are able to gain a greater understanding of Spirit as the true essence of the Universe and all that is in it. We can recognize that the source of everything we see and observe is a manifestation of a spiritual reality that transcends the four dimensional space-time in which we spend our present existence. The recognition of these truths helps us as we journey toward physical, mental and spiritual growth. You are cordially invited to explore what you find here and consider whether there is knowledge and wisdom that may aid you in your own spiritual journey.


Our Universe is but one of a vast multitude of Realms, material and spiritual, knowable and unknowable, that comprise the Greater Realm of all that is.

That which we call God, the Divine Reality, the First Cause and Creator, known by many names and reflected in many aspects, is Spirit by nature and is present throughout all Realms, transcending time and space.

The elements of the Material Realm; matter, force and energy are manifestations of Spirit.

Spirit is the true essence of all living beings, each distinct and inimitable, bound to a material body in order to experience the reality of the Present Realm.

Our purpose, as we journey along our unique and individual spiritual paths, is to grow and mature, spiritually, physically and intellectually as we seek to discover and comprehend the Mysteries of the Realm and communion with the Mind of God.

Fellowship and communion with our fellow travelers provide opportunities to share acquired wisdom and knowledge and focus our spiritual and intellectual energies to further our individual and collective journeys.